'In order to gain anything, you must first lose everything'

 Metamorpha is an autobiographical, audio-visual performance and installation that explores the boundaries and limitations of the human psyche. The performance takes place within a cocoon-like structure suspended in space – with the performer confined within. The floating videography suggests the subtle emanation that surrounds us all, revealing the private universe we each inhabit. Trapped within a veiled prison, it probes the questions; Where do you begin and I end in a new world of social distancing? Limitations on my freedom appear to be imposed from the outside, what if they are actually controlled from within? Am I equally as enslaved to my limiting belief structures as to external authority?


With the use of projections that tell an abstracted story of metamorphosis – a polymorphic projected image evokes the notion that we are multifaceted beings, constantly evolving from one version of ourselves into the next – and questions which of those identities, shaped by the world itself, is the authentic self. It communicates the archetypal story of the heroine's journey guiding us in a descent into darkness, and back towards the awakening light. The caterpillar's old body dissolves and dies before becoming a butterfly, just as dissolving inner and outer structures must die as we enter into a new era as individuals and as a collective.  The artist embarks on a cathartic and transformative quest for liberation from within her personified veil, endeavouring to liberate herself - from herself.


 © 2020 psykke

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