"Music breathes without physical boundaries. It can guide us in a descent into darkness and then lead us towards the light. I hover in the space between authenticity and life as performance - as I strive to reconcile the psychic realm with the physical world. "

Berlin-based artist, Psykke, has been honing her skills in electronic music and multidisciplinary performance since arriving in Berlin in 2017. Currently completing a degree in psychology and formerly a jazz singer living in Paris, playing to sold-out jazz clubs – she blends her improvisational skills with a conceptual delving into the depths of the human psyche, bringing about a marriage of her two passions. Her evolution into electronic music, expressly working with layers of looped vocals and electric harp, has added another dimension to this union, further extending her craft. Her interdisciplinary approach to performance expands into the visual, challenging the boundaries of conventional performance - utilising videography and installation to communicate complex narratives, she delivers her audience a trip – into psychic territory. As fluctuating moods become distorted through the societal lens, the viewer is left with a recognition of the fragile human condition.

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